Viceroy Hyde Indian Cuisine

  • Delivery time 60 min
  • Halal

Menu Viceroy Indian Cuisine

Viceroy Hyde Indian Cuisine is an Indian restaurant, you can expect our menu to be decorated with curries, sauces and chilli dishes. For example, our menu has mixed curries like kashmiri mixed & karahi mixed and pure curries like bhuna & korma. These dishes usually contain onion, ginger and pepper, among other spices. Concerning the sauces, our menu boasts mint and red sauces. For customers who love tandoori dishes and side order dishes, we cater for their dining needs with dishes that feature chicken, lamp and prawn. Our side dishes also feature rice, chips, chapati, naan and paratha. Like any other major Indian eatery, we have all kinds of Balti and biryani dishes on our menu. Our Balti dishes include Balti akbhari cham cham, Balti exotica and Balti silsila. On the other hand, the most common biryani dishes on our menu feature food elements such as chicken, lamp, prawn, vegetable and spices. We also have a myriad of English dishes on our menu, such as sirloin steak, roast chicken, fried scampi and mushroom omelette. Other dishes that suit non-Indians include: chef's specials, vegetable starters, house specials, vegetable side dishes, set meals and poultry & meat starters. When it comes to drinks, our menu boasts classic wines, champagne, beer and soft drinks. We can offer white, rose and red wine from top manufacturers, and as far as beer is concerned, we can offer bangla beer, budweiser, becks, non alcoholic cobra, kingfisher, smirnoff ice, etc. On the side of soft drinks, our menu has both sodas and juices.

About Viceroy Indian Cuisine

Viceroy Hyde Indian Cuisine is an Indian takeaway that offers a wide range of dishes, from curries and sauces to biryani dishes and English dishes. As a takeaway, we allow customers to pick food from our location or order food online and have it delivered to their homes or offices. We provide a simple ordering system where customers can place their orders and have us deliver the food.

In order to maintain our top position in Indian cuisine, we use well-trained chefs to prepare all kinds of Indian dishes. Our food is always tasteful, so if you are looking for a restaurant that can meet your dining needs, look no further than our eatery. We have met dining needs of many customers, and you are not an exception!


Restaurant location Viceroy Indian Cuisine

Viceroy Hyde Indian Cuisine is located on Grafton Street in Hyde which is a well-accessible town. Visit us to see the best dishes and order your favourite meal. If you cannot make it to our eatery, then order your favourite food online.

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